The Lockdown Diary – Week 1

The Lockdown Diary – Week 1

As we near the end of the first week of lockdown in the UK, I thought I would share my observations as the business world adapts to this new environment… and remarkably, so far I have seen a lot of positives.  

A huge chunk of our business, like others, involves a lot of face to face contact, events and travel. Like many businesses, at the outset of this pandemic I was uncertain about our future.  It looked bleak and like some businesses, perhaps we wouldn’t survive the coming months. But after having time to reflect, I have made the following observations:

Everyone in the UK, who are non essential workers, are in isolation at home. Internet providers have reported a massive spike in data usage as those who are lucky enough to be able to work from home are doing so. With the restrictions on movement, streaming services and social media are seeing phenomenal increases in usage. A lot more people are shopping online (I can’t even get in the online queue for a grocery delivery slot), although not yet released, I would expect to see a huge spike in online sales during the last week. 

In terms of advertising, content streaming and e-commerce things are amazing. Potentially more so as everyone looks to their devices for escapism during these coming months. 

As businesses who operate face to face with clients are starting to adapt to working remotely, we are seeing some ingenuity with the use of video conferencing and pre-recorded videos. For instance fitness instructors are now switching to live streaming their classes and offering pre-recorded workouts. 

A lot of businesses are donating products and services, adapting their expertise to fill certain needs i.e. BrewDog creating hand sanitiser for the NHS. Amazing acts of kindness with some online services being offered for free whilst we are under lockdown. 

As we are in the same position of relying mostly on face to face contact to conduct our business, we know exactly how it feels when that is suddenly taken away. We have had to adapt by creating new processes and products that will allow us to work remotely and function throughout this period without compromising client integrity. We have started volunteering our time and expertise to help those businesses most affected by this change, by helping them use video in order to continue functioning throughout the coming months.

This week we have helped a fitness studio maintain its membership subscriptions by providing online classes to its members. As more and more businesses adapt to this isolated world we will see creative ways of using internet streaming services to deliver their content. 

This week I have taken part in several HiiT workouts, a salsa lesson, a Friday night social and a Round Table Council meeting. All without leaving my flat. And considering that, I have never been more busy! 

The silver lining to look for in this troubling time is that it has proved that there is an increasing need for video content to inspire, entertain and educate.

Why Is No One Watching Your Video Content?

There will be a period of uncertainty as everyone gets settled into quarantine, but eventually businesses and services will adapt to this new isolated world we are in. 

The world has changed and we need to be flexible and adapt. 

If we can be of assistance to any businesses throughout the next few months, please do get in touch we would love to help in any way we can.

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