The Lockdown Diary – Week 2/3

The Lockdown Diary – Week 2/3

The UK has completed its 3rd week of lockdown. I didn’t write a post about week 2 mainly because there wasn’t much to write about. The 1st week saw the mad scramble for businesses to adapt to working remotely. The 2nd week saw the business world start to hunker down for what could be a very long marathon. 

Remarkably the businesses who could adapt to the new working conditions did so a lot sooner than I predicted in my last post. 

I’m trying to keep this “diary” of sorts focused primarily on business from a video production perspective but also to note the positives. The silver lining in this storm we as a species are weathering. 

From a video agency standpoint we should consider ourselves lucky that this pandemic hit now, rather than 10 years ago or longer. Advances in mobile phone technology, internet speeds and home computing means that we can continue to produce content remotely and from our own homes. Media stock libraries are now online and our clients have mobile phones with a HD/4K camera.

What has also been notable is that everyone who can work remotely are busy, insanely busy, and this includes us fortunately. We have been developing new products to roll out to businesses that need to advertise and communicate with their audiences.

The last two weeks has seen us producing a lot of quick turn around communications videos, social media content such as Instagram ads and Giphy Stickers as well as continuing to work on a web series we started before this pandemic kicked off.

We have also been volunteering our time and expertise to a couple of good causes; a food bank fundraising initiative and another fundraiser video to help create PPE for health workers. We have also been continuing our work to help businesses adapt to moving from face to face business to working entirely online.

Most small businesses are in the same boat, if we are all kind to each other we can get through this and create a better world on the other side.

If there is anything we can do to help your business throughout this uncertain period then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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