The Lockdown Diary – Week 7

The Lockdown Diary – Week 7

As I write this, the UK is approaching the end of its 7th week of lockdown. Apparently the government will announce some easing of the restrictions on Sunday. Already the newspapers have outlined what they will be. Either our government is useless at keeping a secret or the newspapers are making things up again. 

But that is not what this week’s diary entry is about. Over the last two weeks I’ve been making a concerted effort to avoid the news and media. During this time I’ve used YouTube documentaries for background noise whilst I work. I’ve listened to some great low-fi home made documentaries on retro video games, the golden era of microcomputing and video game journalism. All great memories from my childhood. 

One thing that really annoys me about YouTube is the amount of advertising. I get that YouTube is a business and it needs to make money (it clearly does and a shed load of it). The recent increase in advertising on YouTube is crazy! Some even called it the adpocalypse. This isn’t the main thing that annoys me about YouTube advertising. The main thing that really grinds my gears is the way the ads are targeted. 

The majority of my work revolves around using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. I’ve been a subscriber since Creative Cloud was first introduced and half of the adverts I see on YouTube are advertising Adobe Creative Cloud, a product I already have. Now I’d totally understand this if they were pushing something new like when they released the mobile app. But no, it’s trying to get me to sign up – to something I already pay for.

But this isn’t the most annoying ad I get on YouTube.

The most…

…annoying ad…

…goes to… 

…Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is a wordpress template producer and if anyone knows the ad, they will get the way I introduced them. Their ads always start the same with a guy slowly


…His script…

…In a very…

…Flat dramatic…


And it’s bloody annoying. 

But to be fair their main product now is a thing called DIVI.  A custom template builder for wordpress, which is actually pretty good as it allows you to build from scratch and design visually without the need to understand code or any complex tools.

Again this is another product I already pay for. 

So why is YouTube selling me products that I already pay for? Is this the most inefficient advertising platform ever? It would be interesting to know what their ROI is on ad campaigns as the targeting seems to be way off. 

Is there any point in advertising on YouTube at all? Everyone just skips the ads at the first opportunity anyway? You have to feel sorry for brands that are being sold ad space on YouTube. Are they just pouring money down the drain?  

And don’t get me started on the “How I gained financial freedom in 3 easy steps” schemes/scams that pop up on YouTube in all their various forms.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments what grinds your gears.


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