A diverse way of communicating via computer-generated imagery

Animation and graphics are a diverse way of communicating with your customers, stakeholders, and staff through computer-generated imagery. Animation and graphics work perfectly as a stand-alone video or together with a live-action recording – with their limitless potential, you can realize any visual message you need for your business.

Do you want a cost-effective video to get your ambitious or sensitive brand message across? Clear As Day will create the perfect animation and graphics asset for you.

Animation lets you deliver difficult topics in a different way

Sometimes a live-action video isn’t the best form of communication for your business. If you need to deliver a topic that’s difficult, or complex, doing it live may be too jarring for your audience. When you want to film an ambitious idea, it might cost too much for your business to hire the actors and set.

Using animated video takes away these hurdles, bringing dense topics to life in a way that’s engaging for your audience – animation lets you say what you want in the right way and for the right cost.

Motion Graphics allow you to enhance your live action footage

Using live action footage on its own doesn’t always speak in a way that’s clear or engaging enough for your business. Including motion graphics can breathe life into your project, whatever the format.

You can add graphics for your important financial details, campaign analysis, and more. Or utilise motion to enhance your brand and/or message within a concept that will resonate with your audience.

Enhance live action
Can be used on any video

Animation & graphics can be used for any video

Animation and graphics isn’t a luxury or discount option for creating your videos. It’s a diverse way of adding value to your content and modern approach to making your brand heard. You can use it for any type of video you need and Clear As Day have the expertise to create it for you. Some of our specialities include:

  • Animated infomercials
  • Big screen award ceremony presentations
  • Commercials
  • Corporate idents
  • Digital displays
  • Promotional videos
  • TV title sequences

Clear As Day work with you to create the perfect video for your brand or business

We know that your brand requires a wide range of videos to meet a broad spectrum of needs. That’s why Clear As Day work with you to understand your industry, campaign goals and target audience to find the right animation and/or graphics video for you. This is how we partner our skills with your brand objectives:

  • We work together with your business to recognise what animation and graphics video you need
  • We create a concept and product that’s unique to your brand, one that delivers your message in your voice
  • We manage the production from start to finish, giving you a finished video that meets your goals.

Get in touch to start for an animation quote

Clear As Day always have time for your brand, and our team have the animation and graphics expertise to quickly understand what you need. Get in touch today and we’ll start the process of creating the ideal animation video for your business.

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