Video Production Company In London

Video Production In London

Clear As Day Productions offers the highest level of video production in London.

The focus within our video production agency is on creating content and promotional videos that will engage, inspire and impress your audience, while also being able to deliver a measurable return on your investment.

As a trusted video production company in London, we have had the privilege of telling the stories of a wide range of businesses, organisations and individuals through video, animation and motion graphics – let us tell your story.

Our Latest Work

BTS, Commercial, Corporate, Events, Promotional, Social

Our Approach



We are a highly experienced video production company that take the time to fully understand your industry, your audience and your brand.  With this knowledge, we will create a bespoke strategy for your video to help build engagement and drive sales, working to deliver maximum ROI for your campaign.

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The creative stage is where we design a unique concept that will engage the viewer, while effectively delivering your message.  Our experienced team can develop a completely new creative concept that can be pitched before the production stage, or work with a brief set by the client to bring your vision to life.



Our team have been working on video production in London for over 5 years and are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that all content is produced to the highest level possible.  Our experience allows us to deliver service that I as smooth as possible, from beginning to end, taking care of every aspect, from pre-production and planning, to shoot edit and delivery.



The final stage of our process brings all of our research and strategy together with your newly created content.  We will manage and monitor your campaign from start to finish, ensuring it reaches the right audience and reporting on key successes and performance metrics, helping you to measure Roi and further develop for the future.

Who we’ve worked with

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national geographic
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Video Production Agency London

There are many strings to our bow here at Clear As Day – and if we don’t have the expertise in-house, we have a wide network of specialists we can bring in to support your project.

If you’re looking to get your next video project off the ground and work with a nice bunch of seasoned, reliable professionals, we’re just a phone call or email away!

Corporate Video Production Company London

Corporate Video Production London

As an experienced corporate video production company in London, we understand the importance of standing out in the capital. Our focus is to make your video unique, whilst also engaging, educating and entertaining your target audience.

Corporate video production has long been a sea of samey and often dreary content, but with Clear As Day Productions, it’s a totally different story.  Whether you need to increase engagement, generate conversions or build brand awareness, we can bring your message to life.

Our full-service video production agency helps your business to clearly communicate with and engage your target audience, whether that be employees, customers or potential business partners. We have an expert team that understands what is required to deliver corporate video content that is both meaningful and unique, whilst still effectively communicating the messaging and key points you need to get across.

Want to find out more about our corporate video services?  Click here: Corporate Video Production London.

Animation Company London

As an experienced video production agency with a diverse portfolio, we understand that live-action video may not always be the right way to deliver your message.

Animation is a highly effective and creative way of covering somewhat difficult topics, ambitious ideas or concepts that for one reason or another, may not be able to be filmed live. Through the use of animation, we can help you communicate with your audience in a way that is both effective and cost efficient.

Clear As Day is an experienced animation company in London having produced animation for a variety of projects, such as TV advertising, web, social media, film and TV title sequences as well as explainer animations for charity and more.

Want to learn more about our animation services? Click here: Animation Company London.

Animation Company London
Motion Graphics Company London

Video Production Company London – Motion Graphics

As a seasoned video production agency in London, we know how important it is to create video content that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Our skilled and experienced team of animators and motion graphic designers can take live action footage to the next level, using motion graphics and visual effects, creating a more stylistically unique and visually appealing experience that is both exciting and engaging, while emphasising important information and key messages.

Video Production Agency London – Live Events

Clear As Day Productions provides complete event video services from initial planning and concept development, all the way through to final production and content delivery.

Our highly skilled events team will work with you to maximise returns and exposure. Our unique packages are suitable for all kinds of events and cover all the important stages of an event. This includes elements such as pre-event teasers and live-streaming, as well as social media videos, highlight reels and seminar recordings.

We understand how the events of 2020 and the need for increased sustainability continue to change the event industry. We are able to adapt our creative to provide for physical, virtual and hybrid events maximising your reach.

Event Video Company London
Commercial Advert Video Company London

Video Production Agency London – Advertising

Times have changed and ads are not just for the TV anymore!  Nor is it solely reserved for major corporations with limitless budgets.  Now, companies of all sizes can utilize video ads, to promote their brand across a variety of platforms and formats, such as social media, email and blogs.

Whether you are a small local business or a multinational corporation, we’ll create a professional commercial that is right for you and what your business needs to achieve.

If you need help with video production in London for your commercial advert, speak to us today and we would be happy to create a unique and engaging advert for your brand that resonates with your audience.

Video Production In London – Charity Films

Video is the most effective tool for charities to get their message out in a memorable and impactful way.  It is also a great way of keeping people up to date on all the progress that is being made and how people can get involved. As a video production agency, Clear As Day Productions has tonnes of experience working with charities.

Our creative team will produce engaging and meaningful content that will help inspire, educate and entertain your target audience helping you increase awareness and build support for your cause.

We understand the importance of getting your message across effectively. With this in mind, we can produce content to tell your story for a variety of platforms, such as social media and TV advertising.

Charity Video Company London

Video Marketing Is The Future

With more and more of our lives becoming digital everyone knows video marketing is vital for getting your brand, product or service out there. Check out some of the metrics below:

  • Video marketing now accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic
  • Landing pages with videos get 80% more conversions
  • 76.5% of small business owners say video marketing directly impacted their business


We understand that including video in your marketing may seem a bit ambitious, especially if you are a new or smaller business. But the benefits are – no pun intended – Clear As Day.

Over the years we have built up a diverse portfolio of clients, making us one of the most trusted video production companies in London, that will take the time to understand you, your business and what you want to achieve. We understand every client is unique, so every project we take on gets bespoke treatment.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, relatable and easy to work with. We ensure our clients are well informed and involved throughout the process. Our aim is to always go above and beyond expectations and to provide the maximum return on investment for our clients.

Contact us today to book a free consultation…we look forward to helping you tell your story.

Video Production Company London

If you’re looking for video production companies in London to get your next video project off the ground, choose Clear As Day Productions.  You will be working with a nice bunch of seasoned, reliable professionals.  We’re just a phone call or email away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we work with Clear As Day Productions to create video content?

Video content is now the leading form of media used in marketing and advertising and has proven to deliver higher rates of engagement than still images or text alone.  As a trusted video production agency, Clear As Day Productions have successfully delivered video marketing campaigns for a wide range of businesses and organisations in London, creating high quality content, with a proven return on investment.

Does Clear as Day Productions offer Corporate Video Production Services in London?

Yes, we do! Clear As Day Productions have a wealth of experience in corporate video production and have worked with some of the most well known corporations in London and across the world, including the BBC, Pfizer, Huawei and Johnson and Johnson.  Our corporate video production company employs a team of expert videographers, directors and editors that can deliver a variety of corporate video content types, including website videos, communication broadcasts, event coverage and more. Contact our corporate video production company London today to discuss your next video project.

Why are Clear As Day Productions trusted by major companies and organisations for video production in London?

Clear As Day Productions are one of the most trusted video production companies in London and have delivered video production for major brands including Spotify, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Calvin Klein, amongst many more.  Our video production expertise and high-level service have helped us gain the trust of these household names, to deliver video content to their many millions of customers. Contact our corporate video production company London today to discuss your next video project.

Can Clear As Day Productions help us with Animation and Motion Graphics?

At Clear As Day Productions, we understand that video production is not simply a case of picking up a camera and shooting from the hip, it requires an understanding of the message our clients want to communicate, what emotions you want the audience to feel and ensuring you choose the correct medium in which to deliver it.  Within our video production and animation company, our in house experts are highly experienced in integrating motion graphics with live action footage, creating a more visually appealing and engaging experience, as well as using animation to create exciting and original content that may not be possible or as impactful with live action footage.

What should I expect when taking on a video project with Clear As Day Productions?

As a highly experienced production company, we take the stress away from you, handling everything from concept development and planning, through to production, delivery and campaign management. At various stages throughout the creative process such as scripting, storyboarding, Editing etc. we sign off with you, minimising lengthy amends and ensuring that your vision is aligned with ours. We pride ourselves on not only delivering high level video and animated content but also a service that is second to none in terms of planning, organisation and communication. We believe this to be why 80% of our customers come back to us within 12 months for new and updated content.

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