Why invest in marketing videos?

Video is a relatively new addition to traditional marketing; one with the ability to work wonders for your business through improved engagement, higher click-through rates, and better ROI.

If you’re in any doubt about whether it’s worth the investment, consider this:

  • Video marketing now accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic
  • Landing pages with videos get 800% more conversions
  • 76.5% of small business owners say video marketing directly impacted their business
Why Invest In Marketing Videos
Profitable And Versatile

Profitable and versatile

Video is one of the most profitable and versatile content marketing assets you can have – and marketers are more aware of this than ever. At a time when consumers are looking for more human interaction from brands, video is:

  • A powerful way to engage, educate and interact with your audience
  • The easiest format to consume – making it perfect for mobile users and lazy shoppers
  • A proven way to increase the time visitors spend on your website

Making a successful marketing video might seem daunting, but when you work with creative professionals who know what it takes to tell a compelling story, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. The end result is a series of high-return content you can use to fuel your marketing efforts time and again.

Tailored to meet your needs

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy may seem ambitious, particularly if you’re a smaller business. But the benefits are – no pun intended – Clear As Day.

Our production experts are here to answer your questions and build a brief that’s attainable for your budget.

Our professional team has all of the equipment and experience needed to conceptualise, plan, shoot and edit your film, whether it’s a corporate video, social edit, online commercial, or whatever you may need.

We’re known for going the extra mile for our clients and own all of our video production kit outright – which means no costly hiring expenses.

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Marketing videos for business

What kind of marketing videos do we offer? Everything you would expect and more. Here are some of the most popular and effective forms of marketing video that our clients commission from us.

Promotional videos and advertisements

Looking for a promotional video you can use to increase conversions and promote a business, product or event? Excellent idea. All you need now is an irresistible concept that will ensure people actually stop and watch it.

Today’s consumers have much more control over what advertising they’re exposed to. Suffice to say, if you make a shoddy video that’s little more than a sales pitch, you can safely expect to be ignored. Professional production quality, original ideas and effective storytelling are key.

If you’re after an awesome HD advertorial video for your business’ latest marketing campaign, we’ll facilitate everything, from concept development and logistics to camerawork, editing and VFX.

Promotional Videos And Advertisements
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Product and software demos

Believe it or not, there’s much more to creating a successful product demo than simply showing your audience what your product or service does. A demo has one important task: convincing the viewer that they need your product with just one presentation.

This is as much about knowing your audience as it is about knowing your product or service. Clarity, relevance, and a strong call to action are crucial.

We can help you distil the best features and selling points of your offering into a short, snappy demo video that will resonate with prospects and help them to understand how your service meets their needs.

Explainer videos

Creating an explainer video need not be intimidating. Many companies use them now to get important messages across to their audience – even smaller businesses and startups.

You don’t need to have a ‘fashionable’ product to merit an explainer video; it’s all about solving problems. Usually between 30 seconds to a minute and a half in length, explainer videos work best when you get right to the point. But you can also take the opportunity to engage viewers by telling a visual story.

Often presented using one or a combination of animation, live action and motion graphics, explainer videos are the ideal route to deliver complex information to customers in a clear and comprehensible way.

Explainer Videos
Social Media Videos

Social media videos

In 2019, we all know how important it is for brands to have a strong social media strategy. We also know that getting eyes on your content can be a struggle in an increasingly fast-moving environment. Users have shorter attention spans – averaging nine seconds – so how do you hold their focus and build better engagement?

Social media videos are a new kind of beast, with elements unlike that of a more traditional marketing video. Length, sound and subtitles all influence whether or not someone stops to watch – or scrolls straight past. You have just a few seconds to make an impression. On top of this, there are different sizes, dimensions and ratios for each platform.

Whatever your aim, whether you hope to educate, raise brand awareness or generate new leads, a good social media video strategy is one of the most effective ways of getting there.

Over 8 billion videos (100 million hours) of videos are watched on Facebook every day. What’s more, with its Stories, 60-second videos and Live features, Instagram is all about video content too. The future of social is visual storytelling.

Video testimonials

You could have the most timeless, efficient and hardworking brand in the world, but if you don’t have customers vouching for how great your product or service is, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to prove your value to future prospects.

Testimonials have been shown to have a huge influence on customers’ buying decisions – in fact, customer reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion.

Video testimonials add an extra layer of social proof, giving visitors the information they need in a way that’s far more engaging and convincing than a written review. The added benefit of video is SEO value, since they keep users on the page for longer.

What’s more, users are 64% more likely to convert after watching a video. Even customer testimonials don’t escape the need to disperse information in a fun and relatable way.

Video Testimonial
Viral videos

Viral videos

Viral videos – those that generate millions of views in one week or less – are the holy grail of the marketing video repertoire. Shareability is key; typically, viral videos spread like wildfire via video sharing websites and social media.

There are several theories about what makes a video ‘go viral’, often coming down to the right combination of carefully modified factors.

We can help you create short, evocative, high-quality branded videos that give you the best chance of going viral. We believe this comes down to three things: longevity, humour, and an uplifting message that creates an emotional response in the viewer. On top of this, timing is critical. Speak to us about producing an infectious viral video today.

Branded video content

The world of branding and marketing is changing all the time. Increasingly, viewers have more control over the advertising they’re exposed to – sometimes using ad blockers to avoid it altogether. When consumers don’t want to be advertised to, how can brands get their message out there?

The answer is branded content: making content that people want to see, rather than forcing the hard sell. We’re all human; we want to see content that’s funny, informative, heartwarming, and compelling. We’ll forgive brand messaging and logo placement if the content itself has value.

We believe the best branded video content is story-driven. When you put the narrative first, the payoff is inevitable. The internet is filled with videos competing for our increasingly selective attention, therefore charm and creativity is non-negotiable.

Give viewers what they want – and they’ll thank you with their custom. Get in touch today to start telling your story.

Branded Video Content

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Give viewers what they want and they’ll thank you with their custom. Get in touch today to start telling your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use video marketing over other forms of marketing?

There are a variety of reasons why video is so popular as a form of marketing – we wrote a whole blog on the subject which you can find linked at the end of this paragraph. Perhaps the main contributing factor is that video has a phycological advantage over other forms of content being preferred by audiences, something which gives it a major advantage over other forms of content. Read more about it here… https://clearasdayproductions.co.uk/why-choose-video-for-your-marketing/

What experience does your video marketing agency have?

We have experience in all aspects of the video marketing campaign process, from the initial conception and creation of video content, to curating and enacting said content into an audience ready package, that can be released as part of a targeted marketing strategy. As a full service video marketing company, we are ready to help our clients along all parts of the journey, not just simply the content creation stage.

How long have you been making marketing videos?

We have been providing a full video marketing services since we started trading as a video production company in Bristol. Most video created by businesses like ours will fall under the umbrella of Marketing videos, but not all video marketing agencies will offer it as a complete, ready to launch campaign.

What types of marketing videos are popular?

Video marketing is incredibly broad and relative popularity of specific forms of content within it is always fluctuating. As such it’s best to focus on what will be most beneficial for your business, given your specific aims and precise situation.

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