Charity Video

Video allows your charity to share its values, mission, and progress. But most importantly, a charity video helps you to increase support for your cause.

Because video is so diverse, there are many different formats you can use to help spread your message. Clear As Day can create short-form, or long-form videos depending on the goals you have for your charity. We offer every type of video you need, including:

  • Marketing
  • Infomercial
  • Animation & motion graphics
  • Events
  • Promotional

We’re delighted to use our experience and expertise to aid your cause. Here’s a little more about what we can do to help.

Charity video
Marketing video

Marketing videos

Video is an established feature of marketing and with two good reasons – people are more likely to engage with video content, and your charity can say more in video than it can in print.

Marketing videos get great engagement. People prefer to consume their content by video because it’s easy to watch on the go and says a lot in a short space of time. Videos are not only engaging, they’re very versatile and their high click-through-rate (CTR) makes them a great investment of your marketing budget. Here are some of the marketing videos Clear As Day can create for your charity:

  • Promotional videos and advertisements: Great for conversions and for promoting your charity events
  • Explainer videos: These let you explain how your charity is tackling the causes it supports
  • Social media videos: Ideal for raising awareness and getting donations for your charity
  • Viral videos: What everyone aims for – they’re the videos that spread across the internet, bringing you a new and engaged audience
  • Branded video content: Content that shares the message of your charity by focusing on what your audience wants to see, rather aiming purely for sign-ups

Corporate Videos

Even though charities are very different from corporate organisations, you can still get a lot out of corporate videos. Why? Because they raise awareness of your cause, drive conversions, and increase engagement.

Clear As Day have the range and quality of equipment, along with the experience of working with charities of all sizes, to shine a light on your charity. We can produce a wide range of corporate videos, including:

  • Communications videos: These videos let you speak to your customers directly, conveying powerful messages quickly and precisely
  • Product and service videos: Ideal for charities who finance their good work selling a product or service. Using a video to show how they work and why they offer value helps your customers to understand why they should buy them
  • Training and safety videos: New staff members need to learn about how your charity operates, and existing personnel often need a reminder of internal practices. A training and safety video does the heavy lifting for you
Corporate video
Clear as day productions

Video Production Services

A high-quality video can increase your social followers, drive traffic to your charity’s website, and bring you more donations. Clear As Day work with you to develop a video that meets your unique needs, handling production from start to finish.

Our videos are of the highest standard, giving you the visual and audio quality you demand. This is a few of the services we can bring to your charity:

  • Camera operators: Our operators have the expertise, technical mastery, and theoretical skills to film the perfect video for your charity
  • Steadicam operators: Steadicams isolate an operators movement, creating a balanced, stable shot that captures moments without shuddering
  • Drone and aerial video: Cheaper and able to film more difficult shots than helicopters, our 4K resolution drone filming lets us record moments you didn’t think it was possible to capture
  • Sound operators: We place just as much importance on the audio of your videos as we do on the visuals, giving you an asset that sounds as good as it looks

Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising is an excellent way of showcasing your charity across a range of formats. They work for charities of all sizes and budgets, giving you a video that’s perfect for mail, social media, and video.

  • Online commercials are great for charities of all sizes
  • National Broadcast commercials are ideal for multinational charities
  • Local Broadcast commercials are perfect for larger charities, focusing on a specific area of the country.

Clear As Day will produce a video that improves your engagement, has a great ROI, giving you the results you expect. We work with you to find the best commercial advert platform for your charity.

Commercial advertising
live event video company

Videos For Live & Corporate Events

Live and corporate events are a chance for your charity to pull back the curtain and show people the great work you’re doing. This helps bring your cause to life, boost engagement, and create a highlights reel to show your supporters.

Clear As Day have a range of packages that cover social media, pre-event teasers, presenter led content, and more. Here’s the full range of services we offer your charity:

Full-scale coverage

Record every second of your charity’s event, ceremony, or festival. We can incorporate motion graphics and animations to your video, helping to emphasise key points in your events.

Pre-event teasers

These videos are the ideal way to create a buzz about your charity event, or build a marketing campaign for your charity.

Highlight reel

We’ll pull the best bits from your event to create a highlights reel that can keep people talking about it. We can also make a composition of the moments you want to use to market your charity’s next event.

Social edits

Social videos let you give your audience the latest news about your charity, or help you promote your events. We’ll create social videos to tell the story of your charity in seconds.

Branded content

With our videos, we can pair you with a trusted sponsor, open up your support base, or broaden the reach of your charity.

Live streaming video

Most people are more likely to engage with a charity if they have a live stream of their event. Why? Because it lets them go behind the scenes and see the real people working on your cause, in real time.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics are a proven way of cutting through budget limitations, replacing live sets and actors with computer-generated imagery. These videos let you tackle sensitive topics in a serious way, but in a manner that makes them easier for your audience to digest.

Clear As Day can realise the ambitions you have for your charity message with a video that lets technology do your talking. This is what we can do for you:

  • Adverts
  • Animated infomercials
  • Big screen award ceremony presentations
  • Corporate idents
  • Digital displays
  • Promotional videos
  • TV title sequences
Animation & Motion Graphics

Contact Us

Whether you need a short form promotional video, or long-form coverage of a lengthy event, Clear As Day will produce the best video for your charity. Get in touch now and we’ll discuss what you need and begin work on your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can video content benefit a charity?

Video is just as important in marketing for charities as it for any other business or organisation. With video production for charities, you can tell the all important story of the organisation, or the story of those the charity aims to help. Video can be emotive and demonstrate to viewers issues the charity may be tackling, as well as the joy the charity brings through its work. Furthermore, video can be informative and engaging, especially important when the goal is issue awareness and likewise, fund raising.

What kind of charities have you produced videos for in the past?

We’ve created video content for a variety of different charities over the years here at Clear As Day Productions. Some are single issue focused, such as the ‘Zero Carbon Campaign’ who were campaigning to influence decisions at COP 26. Others we have built ongoing relationships with, supporting various campaigns over a number of years, such as the ‘Autism Education Trust’ and ‘It’s In The Bag – Testicular Cancer South West’.

What kind of videos do you make for charities?

All sorts – there is no one size fits all solution in video production so we always base our videos around the aims and goals of the client and their specific circumstances. Within our video production company, we have worked on various charity projects including – live action video production, animation and motion graphics, and often an amalgamation of all three.

How long have you been making videos for charities?

Our video production agency has been making charity videos for many years. Video marketing is very important for charities, as it can make a significant positive difference in the amount of people the charity can reach, meaning there is a lot of content needing to be made in that space.

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