A Concise Way Of Advertising Your Brand On A Variety Of Formats

Commercials aren’t just for TV and they don’t have to cost the earth. They’re a concise way of advertising your brand on a range of formats, and they’re perfect for all companies. Clear As Day has the capability to create the perfect commercial for your business.

Online commercials can be used on the format that’s best for your brand. They’re suitable for email, social media and website hosting, and work for advertising campaigns of any size.

Multinational brands use commercials to reach mass audiences, connecting with millions of customers across nationwide channels.

Smaller companies with shorter budgets can also get great results from broadcast commercials. Using local broadcasters to get your message across is ideal if you’re targeting an audience within a specific location.

Whatever the size of your business, we’ll produce a commercial that gives you the engagement, ROI, and results you demand. And we can advise you on what platform will work best for you.

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Online commercial advertising is growing in popularity

With TV audiences dropping, commercials have embraced online advertising platforms. This means companies of all sizes are taking their advertising budget online, and it’s no surprise. Here’s why:

Going online is cheaper than creating a broadcast commercial, and allows you to advertise to an engaged audience.
Online commercial advertising gives you access to a range of formats: email, social media, video hosting platforms, and more…

Advertising is a valuable investment for your business. With online commercials enjoying cheap/free hostings, great engagement and allowing for audience targeting, now is the time for your company to invest in one.

Make a lifelong emotional connection with a commercial

Emotions are crucial in business. If you win people’s hearts you can build a strong connection between them and your brand. This helps drive them back to your company when they need the services or products you offer.

Commercials deliver your brand’s message in seconds but leave a lasting impression. That’s why creating a short form advertisement is the quickest way to make viewers fall in love with your brand.

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Clear As Day will deliver the commercial you need

We understand that campaign reach is your top priority. It’s what puts your brand in front of the people you care about, and who you want to care about you. We have the experience and expertise to deliver exactly the commercial you need. This is how we do it:

  • We work with you to understand your brand, your products/services, your needs, and your goals
  • We build a bespoke strategy just for you, one that connects your commercial with your desired audience
  • We develop a concept that delivers your message in the most engaging and informative way
  • We take charge of production from beginning to end and deliver the final piece in the format(s) you require

But that’s not all. Clear As Day deliver you a commercial that delivers on your KPIs. Here’s how:

  • We manage your commercial to give you maximum ROI
  • We monitor engagement to give you the results you expect
  • We deliver an end of campaign report allowing you to build on your successes in the future

Get in contact today and we’ll start on your commercial right away

There’s never been a better time to use commercial advertising to market your business. Clear As Day are available whenever you need us. So get in contact today and we’ll start working on the perfect commercial advert for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial Video Production?

Commercial videos are specifically made for marketing purposes, whereas corporate videos have a number of different aims, so intention is the deciding factor in making a video commercial over corporate.

Why is commercial video so popular?

Commercial videos are essential parts of video marketing campaigns and as such, are one of the most popular forms of video production.

How long have you been making commercial videos?

We’ve been making commercial videos since we first started our video production agency, working with a wide variety of companies, including brands and organisations known across the world. It’s probably the bread and butter of any video production company such as ours.

What types of commercial videos are popular?

Any and everything – commercial video is so wide that we make all different forms of commercial video. Therefore, popular would be whichever type of video would suit the clients campaign goals and generate the highest ROI- within our video agency, we always recommend the most appropriate content for our clients’ always unique situations.

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