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Clear As Day offers full event video services from concept development and planning all the way through to delivery. Our film and production expertise will guarantee you get the most out of your event. Suited to any event, our broad packages include highlight reels, pre-event teasers, social media videos and live streaming to ensure your message is translated effectively and creatively to a wide audience.

How will a video help your event?

Events are short, but capturing them with video allows you to increase the marketing potential long into the future and promote your brand outside of just those who’ve attended.

Most events are expensive or time-consuming, so why not make the most of this spend? Video content will ensure you maximise your ROI and continue to drive engagement from your target audience after the event has finished.

Live events can be unpredictable, but our team of experts are well versed in capturing them – we’ll ensure your audience doesn’t miss a thing.

We can film any type of event from stadium performances to private functions. Our specialities include:

  • Product launches
  • Press release
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Theatre
  • Sports
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Educational
  • Training
  • Networking

Event Packages

Our event video packages are uniquely designed. By combining a number of options, we provide a bespoke package that best suits your needs.

Here are some examples of what we provide:

Live Event coverage

Some events require a live recording. If you have a major conference, a glitzy award ceremony, or an action-packed concert, you can’t miss a moment.

Our full-scale coverage gives you a multi-camera recording and can be either broadcast live online or distributed post event to those who couldn’t make it. The event will be covered from various angles ensuring everything is captured, we can also add animation or motion graphics too – helping bring your message to life.

event video production
Pre event teaser

Pre-event teasers

Engagement is everything. It’s what gets your customers to buy your products. Enticing your customers with a pre-event video will increase engagement and pre-event buzz.

It’s also ideal to use in your marketing campaigns, as an announcement, or a means of increasing ticket sales.

Highlight reel

Whether your event is a 1-day conference or 5-day festival, we’ll take your interviews, best performances, top talks, and more to deliver a polished, edited video that showcases the highlights from your event.

Highlight reels provide your audience with a nostalgic video to watch when they get home, which in turn keeps the conversation going after the event. They are also a major marketing tool for your next event, showing people who didn’t make it, what they missed.

event video service
Social videos

Social edits

Let’s face it, people are more likely to watch a video than read an article – especially on social media. Our fast-paced, attention-grabbing videos will drive engagement over social media to create a buzz around your event.

Daily social edits from your event are great for keeping your audience up to date and showing the ones that didn’t make it what they’re missing.

We’ll create a video that says everything your brand wants to, and will tell your story in seconds. These videos can promote your next conference, make special guest announcements, or give a memorable snippet for people who weren’t there.

Branded content

Our branded video content will increase exposure and broaden your customer base. We create content that pairs you with your sponsors, to further access their audiences, generating new reach and engagement for your brand. These videos are usually concept-driven and are uniquely designed to suit your brand, your sponsors and your targets.

Branded video content
Live streaming video service

Live streaming video

Live streaming enables you to share your event with an audience of millions, via social media or other video-hosting platforms.

Let team members from anywhere in the world tune into your conference or seminar, saving huge amounts of money for large multinationals with employees around the world. These videos can also be recorded live, edited and sent out to your audience to be watched at a later date.

Presenter/Influencer Led Content

Having a key figure or influencer at your event can potentially draw huge audiences toward your content. Not only drawing in their following but creating a persuasive marketing tool, showing viewers who missed your last event why they should attend the next one.

video company for events

Connect with your Audience

However you want to connect with your audience, we’ll make the video to reach them. We offer full-service video production from concept development, through to delivery.

In addition to providing camera crews and live streaming, we also offer services such as on-site editing which will allow you to output content during your event.

With time being the most valuable resource on the planet, don’t waste yours. Contact us today and we’ll get working on the video you need for your brand event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mitigate risks of Covid-19 on your video production sets?

During the heat of the global Coronavirus pandemic, we quickly adjusted the way we work to keep everyone on our sets safe. We hold a responsibility to make sure all possible precautions are taken to limit the spread of such a disease. Going forward, we hope to now be ready should another pandemic break out. You can find more information on how we dealt with the pandemic in this blog…

What kind of videos for live and corporate events do you make?

We’ve created videos for a wide variety of live events over the years, from live music events to corporate trade shows and all different manners of convention and expos. We have experience live streaming events, but predominantly in pre event promotional, on site social and post event highlights content.

How long have you been making videos for live and corporate events?

Live events were where Clear As Day Productions first found our feet and officially established us as a trusted video production company. We’ve always enjoyed working on live events content and continue to work on various different projects each year.

How far are you willing to travel for a live event?

We are more than happy to go just about anywhere for the right project, obviously all projects regardless of distance, are discussed at length to make sure it’s the correct decision for both parties. However, over the years our video production team has often worked across the UK, Europe and would be willing to travel further subject to discussion.

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