Why Choose Video For Your Marketing 

Why Choose Video For Your Marketing 


We’ve read a lot of blogs by video production companies similar to ours explaining why businesses should use video for their marketing. However, many of these focus on elaborate prose, simply listing their opinion or point of view as fact rather than trying prove to their audience why video marketing matters. So, this blog uses an evidenced based method (sorry about all the statistics) to try and explain why video works in a manner you can trust.

Frankly, people like video.

Statistics point to the fact that people are biased towards video content, engaging with it more than other marketing tools. Not only do 73% prefer video content, but they are two times more likely to share video content with friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, product pages and (unfortunately) blog posts. One prominent example of this is the explainer video, 96% of people used explainer videos in the last year to learn more about a product or service. Indeed, in our experience platforms like Youtube are often the first resources people go to when wanting something explained to them, product or otherwise. 

Video Marketing is growing 

Video Marketing continues to grow year in year out. According to Wyzowl’s ‘Video Marketing Statistics Survey 2022’ 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, of the remaining 14% not currently utilising video, 79% expect to start using it in 2022. From the same study, we can see that 99% of those using it currently plan to continue using it, 87% of them reporting a ‘good’ level of ROI. So, businesses are increasingly seeing the value and turning to video for use in their marketing.

Social media and Video’s relationship 

Social Media and Online Video Marketing have fed off the success of the other, a trend which looks set to continue. According to the Pew research centre, in 2008 only 25% of US adults were using social media, in 2021 that figure rose to 72%. Similarly, we see a huge rise in consumption of video content starting at least as early as 2011, US citizens viewing a monthly total of 31 million at the start of the year, rising to 40 by the year’s end. 11 years later in the current year of 2022, Cisco predict video content to make up a whopping 82% of all internet traffic. The common theorisation being that in the digital environment of social media where content makers compete for user’s attention, video has an automatic advantage by being more dynamic and eye-catching than the still image, especially with the autoplay features built into today’s social media sites.

‘Learning styles’, a potential factor or bogus science? 

It could be that the bias towards video content is influenced by unequal distribution of so called ‘learning styles’. It has been almost famously claimed, that 65% of people are visual learners, the brain on average processing video and images 60,000 times faster than text, ultimately retaining 80% of what they see, compared to 20% they read and 10% they hear. According to these statistics, video, or at least visual marketing, naturally caters to greater numbers of people than purely audio or text based marketing. However, the existence of ‘learning styles’ is still a heavily debated topic. What isn’t up for debate, is the effectiveness of visuals on learning and memory generally. Various research projects finding there to be a positive correlation between visual stimuli being present and uptakes in memory and learning outcomes. Visual stimuli is therefore more psychologically engaging than other forms of content on the whole, a possible explanation for biases towards video content.

The takeaways…

In short, video marketing is a go to choice for the vast majority of businesses, a statement that is only becoming more universally accepted as time goes on. Furthermore there is data to suggest, although some controversial, that video is psychologically preferred by audiences in a way that makes them remember and engage with content more. Video marketing is therefore of ever-growing importance to businesses.

If you’re interested in joining the 86% of businesses utilising and benefiting from the potential of video marketing or just looking to expand on your current portfolio, at Clear as Day Productions we offer a wide variety of video production services; get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation!


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