Case Study: How Clear As Day Productions Helped Commercial Property Advisors Stand Out from the Crowd

Clear As Day Productions was approached by CPA (Commercial Property Advisors), who wanted to create a fun video that would help them stand out in their industry. They had a unique brief, to create a funny, tongue-in-cheek video inspired by the A-Team TV series. 

Our team worked closely with CPA to fully understand their business, how it works and most importantly, how we can translate that into a wacky A-Team parody video. 

We started with the tagline: If you pay business rates and you want to make a claim… maybe you could call…. THE CPA TEAM.

Before starting production, we presented our script and storyboard to ensure that the team at Commercial Property Advisors were fully on board and agreed on the final vision. 

The result was a wacky “meet the team” style video that CPA used as part of an ad campaign to stand out from their competition. The video generated significant buzz on social media, resulting in a significant increase in traffic to CPA’s website. The video reached over 50k viewers, with 73k impressions, and resulted in a low cost per click (CPC) of £0.02, 25% lower than their other videos. The campaign resulted in an average increase of 3-5 inbound leads per month.

We were able to successfully help CPA stand out from the crowd with a disruptively wacky yet funny “meet the team” video. Resulting in an increase in inbound leads. We are proud to have delivered satisfactory results and are excited to get started on the next wacky idea…

We can’t give much away at the moment but if there’s something strange with your business rates, who are you gonna call? 

I was very pleased with the service we got from Clear As Day Productions. The video that they put together was amazing, it made our company stand out from our competitors in a fun and dynamic way. We have already gained so much business from it and we are now thinking of our next venture. Thank you to all who were involved.

David Tanswell
MD - Commercial Property Advisors Ltd

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