Ensum Brown

Ensum Brown approached Clear as Day Productions for a comprehensive video marketing campaign. They were looking for content that would set them apart from other estate agents in the Royston area and establish themselves as market leaders.


Our first task was to create content that would sell an area rather than specific houses. We crafted narratives that highlighted the unique features of Royston, Melbourn and Bassingbourn and created videos that showcased them as desirable places to live. The videos received positive feedback and even influenced a few families in their purchasing decision.

Royston mood film

The Royston mood film, which garnered 42,400 unique views amassing 8,200 minutes of view time on, as well as 23,000 views on YouTube, has proven to be a persuasive factor in influencing purchasing decisions. One testimonial from a couple residing in London highlights the impact of the film on their decision-making process.

My wife and I were living and working in London. Our goal was to purchase a property and enter the housing market, but we knew our budget would require us to look outside of London. Since we were unfamiliar with the areas beyond the city, we began researching and visiting different locations. That’s when we discovered a video showcasing Royston. This video helped us make a decision and ultimately make the move to Royston.

M & A, Royston

Company Promo

In addition to the mood films, we produced short, social media-friendly corporate promos that captured Ensum Brown’s unique process and company culture. These videos showcased how Ensum Brown goes the extra mile and why they are dominating their local area.

SEO Ready Content

To further enhance Ensum Brown’s online presence, Clear as Day Productions created an SEO-based YouTube content pack. This pack featured content tailored to Ensum Brown’s ideal client’s search habits, showcasing their industry knowledge and driving more traffic to their website. 


Their YouTube channel has amassed over 150,000 views

Clear as Day Productions is proud to have played a part in Ensum Brown’s success and is excited to continue producing engaging video content for them.

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