Case Study: Clear as Day Productions Helps Greenfeathers Improve Customer Service And Generate Sales

Greenfeathers, an e-commerce company specialising in bird and wildlife recording products, approached Clear as Day Productions to create a video marketing campaign. They had two main objectives: reduce inbound technical support calls and boost sales during the Christmas rush.

Campaign 1: Greenfeathers wanted to alleviate the burden on their support staff by reducing the number of incoming technical support calls. Clear as Day Productions devised a comprehensive solution by creating a series of instructional videos for Greenfeathers’ YouTube channel. These videos focused on guiding customers through the setup process and troubleshooting common issues they may encounter with their purchased products.

The Result: The campaign achieved outstanding results. Inbound technical support calls decreased by an impressive 30%. This reduction in call volume freed up the support staff to address more complex issues promptly, resulting in shorter wait times and an overall improvement in customer service. Furthermore, Greenfeathers’ YouTube channel garnered over 370,000 views, providing additional exposure and engagement for the brand.

Campaign 2: Boosting Sales During the Christmas Rush With the Christmas season approaching, Greenfeathers sought Clear as Day Productions’ assistance to drive sales during this crucial period. Clear as Day Productions created a social media ad campaign designed to capture the attention of potential customers and entice them to make purchases.

The Result: The Christmas ad campaign achieved an impressive return on investment (ROI) of approximately £10 gained for every £1 spent. This significant boost in sales during the holiday rush not only increased revenue but also solidified Greenfeathers’ position as a leading player in their industry.

Clear As Day Productions have always been able to see the bigger picture and have created some amazing videos for my e-commerce companies. We know when Clear As Day has created a video for us that WE WILL sell more of that product, and so the return on investment is always good. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys – organised, creative, responsive, and professional results. Just great people to deal with.

Lee Adams
Founder - Open 24 Seven LTD

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