Case Study: How Clear As Day Productions Helped Create A Groundbreaking Bullet-Time DJ Set

Clear As Day Productions was approached by Coalition Audio and Viper Recordings to assist drum and bass duo ‘Koven’ with their biggest live-stream to date – Koven presents ‘The After Party’ – celebrating the release of the Deluxe Edition of their debut album ‘Butterfly Effect’.

With the then Covid lockdown restrictions easing, Koven and their management team didn’t just want this to be a standard DJ set; they felt their fans deserved something special after a hard year without much live music. Following numerous Zoom meetings with James (Coalition Audio) and Asad (Viper Recordings), discussing how we could achieve a “world-first live stream,” a flippant comment from our creative director about the Matrix movies snowballed into the final concept we decided on. Ultimately, we gave the album the event it deserved by not only delivering a successful live stream in terms of numbers but also a visually striking one – the first-ever live bullet-time DJ set.

A 360 bullet-time rig, consisting of 75 still cameras, was set up around a DJ booth by special effects wizards – ‘The Flash Pack’, giving Katie’s live performance a unique 360-degree slow-motion effect. The technology works through a series of cameras capturing images only a few thousandths of a second before the preceding camera. A total of 75 still images are then fed into custom-designed software, which produces what the Flash Pack describes as “non-stop 360-degree slow-motion content.”

Waveco Productions helped us provide the studio, set design, and lighting, giving Katie a DJ booth at the end of what effectively serves as a runway. The live stream was well received, reaching over 30,000 people on Facebook alone and gaining 381,704 views on YouTube. The stream broke new ground in music by being “the world’s first bullet-time DJ set.”

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Clear As Day absolutely nailed our live stream for UKF On Air, which utilized the world's first bullet-time camera rig used in a live streaming/DJ environment.

James - Coalition Audio

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