Why animated explainer videos are a cost-effective marketing strategy for small businesses

Why animated explainer videos are a cost-effective marketing strategy for small businesses

As a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for effective ways to market your products or services. Animated explainer videos are a powerful tool that can help you stand out and attract new customers. In this article, we’ll explore why animated explainer videos are a great investment for small businesses.

Compared to live-action videos, animated explainer videos can be a more cost-effective way to showcase your brand. According to a study by Wyzowl, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. This means that investing in an animated explainer video can have a significant return on investment for your business.

Animated explainer videos have been shown to have a positive impact on small businesses. In fact, according to an Animoto survey, 93% of businesses say that they have landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. This is because animated explainers are an extremely versatile marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to explain complex products or services in a simplified and engaging way, showcase customer testimonials, or even as a way to introduce your brand to potential customers. 

Animated explainer videos can act as an extension of your sales team, working 24/7 to generate leads via social media, email marketing campaigns, websites/landing pages and pay-per-click advertising.

HubSpot conducted a study which revealed that by incorporating a video on your landing page, you could potentially boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. Customers don’t want to work for a purchase, by presenting your offering in an engaging animated explainer video means you are much more likely to grab and retain your audience’s attention. In comparison, static images and text blocks have to work harder to grab your audience’s attention, requiring more time and effort on behalf of the viewer. 

Investing in an animated explainer video is a cost-effective way for small businesses to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately generate leads. At Clear as Day Productions, we specialise in creating high-quality animated explainer videos that help our clients stand out. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.


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