Why is no one watching your video content?

Why Is No One Watching Your Video Content?

Why is no one watching your video content?

So you’ve finally done it, you’ve uploaded your first set of marketing videos and they are brilliant. They look great, they are short, to the point and say everything you want to say, but you’re not getting any hits… what are you doing wrong?

So many people fall foul of the idea that creating a stunning video is the end of the journey for a piece of content when in actual fact it takes much more than that to get your video in front of your audience.

In today’s world, people are so bombarded with content at their fingertips, it takes a lot more than a good product to make them stop and watch. Grabbing attention in the first five seconds is an absolute must.

To put this into perspective, every minute 400 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube with over 7 billion videos available. It would take one person 199771 years to watch all of the content that Youtube currently hosts and albeit the biggest, that is just one platform of many that you could choose to host your video.

Source – https://www.brandwatch.com/blog/youtube-stats/

With this amount of content available is it any wonder that your video is being missed?

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6 top tips to getting your content in front of your audience

  1. Before you do anything else, do your research and develop your strategy. Make sure you understand who and where you’re target audience are, what they are likely to watch and where are they likely to be watching. Could you utilise an influencer or blogger to expand your reach? How do you want your audience to interact with your video? There are huge amounts of variables that can come into play when planning your video campaign, but developing a strategy for your content at this stage is essential to getting it in front of the correct audience.
  2. Understand your goals and what return you need on your investment. Do your research and see what your competitors are doing, look at trends in the market, who are failing/succeeding and what can you take from them to make sure you fall within the latter?
  3. Develop a concept that will deliver the correct information in an informal manner, don’t try and force a sale but look at ways to resonate with your audience using emotion and story. Consider ways to grab attention in that all-important first 5 seconds, tease them with enough info to draw them in and always provide a call to action, driving them toward your website for more info. Always try to leave the audience with something, teach something, show something, offer something, entertain, to make sure they don’t forget about you when scrolling onto the next video. Most importantly, show some personality, think about your company culture, ethics, what you stand for and who you are. Gone are the days of dreary corporate content offering no more than a sales pitch.
  4. Before producing your video, you should consider aspect ratio’s for different platforms you will use for hosting. For example, Instagram videos can be 1:1, 16:9, 9:16 or 4:5 depending on how and where you would like your video to appear. As social media is constantly evolving, so are the spec’s for their hosting’s, be sure to check out the latest specifics before making a start on your video.
  5. Ensure your sound is recorded to the highest standard possible, while most of us think of the film as a visual medium, it’s true that sound plays a huge role in storytelling and creating atmosphere. You can have the best camera in the world but with poor sound quality, your production value will drop dramatically and audiences are likely to scroll straight on past if your content isn’t up to scratch.
  6. This is where your initial research and strategy comes into play. Monitor and record your reach and interactions from each platform, use this information to learn from your mistakes and build on your successes. Video isn’t guaranteed to work the first time, every time and it certainly shouldn’t be looked at as a one time only project. Building a comprehensive end of campaign report enables you to see how your audience interacts and how best to reach them, in turn giving you a big clue as to what your next campaign strategy should look like.

So there are our 6 top tips for reaching your audience, of course, we could rattle on for a lot longer with different tips and tricks to making your video a success, but these are our 6 key points to getting your video out there and it’s certainly not all about production value.

In today’s world, it is essential for every business to be using video to market their products or services and we understand that this can often be quite a daunting task, especially for start up’s and small businesses with budget restrictions. Our best piece of advice is to weigh up whether or not its worth your time away from your business to take this on alone, or to bring in a company to help you with each stage of your project?

Clear As Day works with companies of all shapes and sizes and we provide a no-obligation, free first consultation. If you are interested in finding out more, we would be more than happy to arrange an informal chat with you over your next project.

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